A Course in Programmer Testing:   By Andy Tinkham, Cem Kaner & Pat McGee

These are our course materials from the fall 2004 offering, in the order we used them. Each section includes slides, as well as any additional types of learning aids we used for the lecture. In the future, we expect to add video lectures and other materials similar to those offered on the Blackbox Testing course page. Click on the topic name to see its set of materials.

Course Overview

White- or glass-box testing is the craft of testing a program from an internal perspective where the code is available to the person doing the testing. This testing is often done by the developer who wrote the code or a peer of that developer.  Programs are looked at in terms of units of code and how they interact.

This course is an introduction to programmer testing. It is a superset of the Software Testing 2 courses that Florida Tech requires for its undergraduate (CSE 4415) and offers for its graduate (SWE 5415) software engineering degree programs.

This course is a work in progress and is still very rough in places. We will update the materials as they evolve through subsequent offerings .

Fall 2005 Materials

Course Syllabus -- Fall 2005

Experiences Teaching a Course in Programmer Testing (Paper on the evolution of this course given at Agile 2005 in Denver, CO)


Fall 2004 Materials

These materials are from the Fall 2004 offering of the course, and are provided for reference. As we update the materials for the Fall 2005 offering, the new files will be linked above and the links in this section will be removed.

Note: Students taking Software Testing 2 at FIT in Fall 2005 should not use these documents in determining tasks for assignments or projects, nor is the presence or absence of a quiz or in-class assignment here an indicator of whether there will be a corresponding quiz or in-class assignment this term.


Other Class documents

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