Bonus Assignment -- Create Sample Test and Exam Questions

Fall 2004

You can submit suggested exam questions. I will award 1 point per EXCELLENT question, up to a total of 5 points per student. If two of you co-submit an excellent question, you will get 1/2 point each.

DEADLINE: November 5, 2004. No submissions will be accepted after noon, November 6.

I will accept questions either for this year's study guide (which you can see at or for the master set (which you can see at

If you submit questions to me, it is for the purpose of including them in this set. Please DO NOT submit questions to me if you are NOT granting me an unrestricted license to use them in class and publish them (e.g. on the Net at for others to use.

I will not give credit for questions that are too similar to what's already in the master set, that are not well enough worded, or that ask for too much or too little for a student to answer well in the time available for a short answer or long answer question.