A Course in Blackbox Software Testing (Academic Version), Fall 2001
Kaner, Cem

This is the academic version of the course. The two versions cover roughly the same material, but this one has more emphasis on testing paradigms and less on management and career issues.

  1. Opening Exercise: triangle [ppt] [pdf]
  2. An Example Test Series [ppt] [pdf]
  3. Boundaries & Equivalence [ppt] [pdf]
  4. Reusable test matrices [ppt] [pdf]
  5. Completeness Is Impossible [ppt] [pdf]
  6. An Overview Of Product Development [ppt] [pdf]
  7. The Black Box Testing Organization[ppt] [pdf]
  8. Bug Advocacy [ppt] [pdf]
  9. Introduction To Black Box Test Case Design [ppt] [pdf]
  10. Testing Techniques & Paradigms (Overview) [ppt] [pdf]
  11. The Function Testing Paradigm [ppt] [pdf]
  12. Regression Testing Paradigm [ppt] [pdf]
  13. Domain Testing Paradigm [ppt] [pdf]
  14. Specification-Based Testing as a Paradigm [ppt] [pdf]
  15. Risk Based Testing & Risk-Based Test Management [ppt] [pdf]
  16. Stress Testing Paradigm [ppt] [pdf]
  17. Exploratory Testing [ppt] [pdf]
  18. Questioning Strategies [ppt] [pdf]
  19. Exploratory Testing in Pairs [ppt] [pdf]
  20. User Testing [ppt] [pdf]
  21. Scenario Testing [ppt] [pdf]
  22. Stochastic or Random Testing [ppt] [pdf]
  23. Combination Testing [ppt] [pdf]
  24. Managing GUI Automation [ppt] [pdf]
  25. Automation Architectures [ppt] [pdf]
  26. Introduction To Test Documentation [ppt] [pdf]
  27. Scripting test cases [ppt] [pdf]
  28. Requirements Analysis for Test Documentation [ppt] [pdf]
  29. Metrics & Measurement [ppt] [pdf]
  30. Status Reporting [ppt] [pdf]